Clay is an inexpensive and abundant material that has been used since ancient times to produce building materials. When clay is fired it  becomes terracotta,  quite literally “baked earth”. It has a wealth of colours from reds to brown and honey and has a warm feel underfoot.

Our handmade terracotta has been made by the same Spanish family for over two centuries.  The reclaimed terracotta we supply has been sourced from the Loire valley in France and they are at least 150 years old. Our hand finished terracotta is hardwearing and a very cost effective floor for the more contemporary property.

Ask us to show you a selection of our terracotta so you can decide which will suit your home best.

Types of terracotta

Antique Reclaimed, Hand Finished, Handmade

Antique Reclaimed

Antique Reclaimed – mixture of pale terracotta colour through to browny reds, worn pitted surface.


Handmade – mid to darker peachy colours with some yellow hues, smooth surface with slight curling at the edges. Suitable for exterior use. Photo shows the terracotta laid with a small mosaic detail tile.