Hard Rock Flooring specialises in limestone and we are constantly sourcing different types.

Most limestone is oolitic which means it is formed from minute pieces of shell or grains of sand stuck with calcium carbonate from the sea. In some limestone there are considerable amounts of fossil from the amount of creatures on the seabed during the stones formation. These differences affect both the colour and strata of the stone, and therefore its potential applications.

British Limestone

Aged Rutland White, Creeton Banded, Oxford Stone, Somerset Blue Lias

Pale Tumble Aged Limestone Mix

Another aged limestone mix, this example shown without the blue stone to give a paler overall effect.


Aged Rutland White

Aged Rutland White – white with a brownish hue, tiny holed surface.

Ancaster Weathered


Mid brown with a yellowy tint and dark veining, blue patches within a honed finish.



European & middle eastern Limestone

Aged Corton, Beauvallon, Cherwell, Crema Kara, Crema Marfil, Field Stone, Fontabbeye, Gardenia, Jerusalem Gold Aged, Jerusalem Grande Melange, Jura Beige, Jura Multicolour,  Old Millstone, St. Briare Chipped Edge, St. Etienne

Aged Corton

Deep golden fawn in colour with a pinkie red veining and plenty of shell. The surface is brushed then tumbled. A stone steeped in French history from the Burgundy region.



Cherwell – white to beige in colour with a grey hue, heavily worn appearance.


Field Stone

Golden beige in colour. The surface is brushed then tumbled to give a soft appearance.


Fontabbeye is a pale limestone which often enjoys some great examples of visible fossils and ammonites. We have so many great photos of Fontabbeye in one customers amazing new kitchen that we’ve shown them on a separate page.


Jerusalem Gold

Jerusalem Gold – pale to dark golden colours with a smooth surface and softened edges.


Jerusalem Grande Melange

Jerusalem Grande Melange – creamy yellow, some beige and pink flecks, aged surface and softened edges. Suitable for exterior use.


Jura Beige

Jura Beige – beige in colour with an interesting mix of ammonites and shells, smooth texture.

Jura Multicolour

Jura Multicolour – mixture of light and dark beige through to soft grey, contains ammonites and shells, smooth texture.

Old Millstone

Mid grey through to fawn in colour. The surface is sandblasted then tumbled to soften the whole appearance.


St. Etienne

St Etienne – soft white in colour with a creamy hue, very flat smooth surface.