Sandstone is a sedimentary rock consisting mainly of Feldspar and Quartz, in colours varying from grey, yellow, red and white. Sandstone has been used for centuries for building and paving all over the world.  The major benefits of this particular stone is that it weathers incredibly well, is very hard and therefore ideally suited to outdoor use. We will be delighted to show you the Sandstone we currently have in our warehouse.

Types of sandstone

Fossil Stone Chipped Edge, Fossil Stone Sawn Edge, Otley, York

Fossil Stone Chipped Edge

Fossil Stone Chipped Edge – mixed colours from light to dark sand sometimes including pink hues, black fossil like watermarks. Granular riven texture, with chipped edges, particularly good for non slip. Suitable for exterior use.



A very hard stone, especially suitable for exterior use



Known for its hard wearing and durable qualities Yorkestone has been used in a wide array of building, construction and landscaping applications around the world for many years.